We have accomplished our first project with ProcessMaker BPM at Uskudar municipality in Istanbul. In this post, I will give brief information on the project and gains.


The request for the need firstly occurred at Cleaning Department of the municipality. A “Task Management System” was needed for the internal duties. Big amount of tasks was handling during the day, but there was a lack of reporting and analyzing the work load.


We offered ProcessMaker BPM software as a solution backbone. ProcessMaker was efficient for current need of task tracking. It was flexible enough to respond to the fast changing way of business. And if it succeed on one department, it would be easy to enhance the solution to other departments.

Our team provided consultancy and software development of business processes of municipality on ProcessMaker. Because ProcessMaker is fully open source software, the municipality gained a professional BPM solution without paying any license fees.

ProcessMakers’ %100 architecture minimized installation, development and maintenance costs. %80 of the project work handled with remote access.

One of the main advantages was the ability to use ProcessMaker on smart phones and tablet computers. Without making any device specific development, ProcessMakers’ simplified interface gave the best result on mobile devices. This give the opportunity for the municipality users who are on the field, use the system on line. This way of doing daily work, streamlined data flow between the field and the head quarter. Mobile workers tracked their tasks online, pictured “before work” and “after work” of the task area, attached these pictures to tasks, and confirm the end of the task as they do it immediately. This also minimized the time lost moving between HQ and task area.

ProcessMakers’ open source architecture is ready for integration. So we used web services to interact with a lot of existing softwares that is used at municipality. These integrations are:

  • ProcessMaker – Call Center application (Call center requests transferred directly to ProcessMaker)
  • ProcessMaker – Payment System integration (up to payment tasks updated directly as it is payed)
  • ProcessMaker – Municipality Web Services (street codes shared, sms and email notifications sent)
  • ProcessMaker – Turkish National ID System integrated for confirming ids of citizens
  • ProcessMaker – Reportico report system integration
  • ProcessMaker – Map integration (Web based map and a map application on iPads feeded with task data)


Another PHP based open source reporting system  Reportico is used for reporting. Reportico has an editor for creating reports, support criteria, grouping, sub-totals, graphic charts and data export capabilities on various formats (HTML, PDF, CSV, XML, JSON).  A database connection is made from Reportico to ProcessMaker’s MySQL databases. 6 reports designed.

ProcessMaker Reportico integration

We provided a fully open sourced project on a municipality on WAMP stack (Windows Server, Apache Web Server, MySQL database, PHP). We kept both two major solution components (ProcessMaker and Reportico) PHP based and fully open source.


  • All components except OS is provided with no license cost for a government organization. *
  • An Open Source ecosystem is set up and all software components made work efficiently.
  • Integration with external systems accomplished with web services both in and out.
  • A second department (Road works) involved in the project as a second phase.
  • Access to system from mobile workers in the field established.

(* Windows Server used as OS because the municipality already has licences. It is possible to set up the system with Linux servers as well)


As our start-up mission and goal is to provide professional open source business solutions, we accomplished a multi-system open source solution. We are very proud to do this project for a government organization.

Here are some screenshots from the project. Please feel free to ask questions and comment.

ProcessMaker BPM Liste

ProcessMaker BPM Talep