We used Processmaker BPM for developing a Task Management System for Istanbul – Uskudar municipality. You can find detailed information about this project  on this post.

One of the major requirements for a BPM project is reporting. ProcessMaker has built in reporting plugins on Enterprise Edition. But for municipality we have used community edition. So we searced for a simple reporting solution for the project. These were my constraints:

  • The solution has to be Open Source
  • The solution has to have similar architecture as the main system ProcessMaker.

After examining a lot of alternatives, I decided on Reportico . Reportico is a PHP based lean and new open source reporting project. Firstly, we prepared the reports needed on Reportico system, using ProcessMaker’s MySQL database. Users were accessing these reports using a different URL link, and this was feeling a separate two system solution which we were not quite happy.

One of the main advantage of Open Source systems is that, these systems have integration capabilities by nature. ProcessMaker has a plugin architecture in it. We decided to merge two systems by developing a plugin.

The red square you see on above picture is the Reportico reports menu that is embedded in ProcessMaker main menu by our plugin. When the user select the report from the menu, Reportico report is displayed directly in the ProcessMaker main screen.

As a result, two open source system is merged into one using our integration plugin. Please feel free to contact us for this plugin.

You can download this plugin here and give it a try if you have enough experience for configuration.