Why Open Source ?

Selensofts’ main strategy is gaining professional hands on experience on Open Source Business Applications. Our goal is to provide excellent service to our clients on Open Source projects. By using Open Source Business Applications, companies and organizations can do a fast start with minimum budget.

We lead our customers to have more secure and professional projects. Our guidance provides effective decissions on selecting the right solution components, excellent integrations both inbound and outbound, and success on project achievements.

There is a large amount of SMB (Small and Medium Sized Business) companies in the world. Effective selection of IT systems is a key factor on a companies life. There are a bunch of pitfalls achieving this goal: unspotted requirements, having a non-IT company culture, budget restrictions, inability of accessing the right expertise,  misguidence of software vendors etc. By selecting Open Source as a software solution your company can start using the application without paying licence costs. This gives the opportunity to simulete real usage, test user acceptance and see the results.