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Shortly after Openbravo officially launched its first product, Openbravo ERP, in 2006, the code was published in and it swiftly became one of the most active and most followed open source projects of its kind.

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In January 2010, we had reached an accumulated 1.5 million product downloads. Market recognition was also demonstrated by various open source community awards, such as the BOSSIE (several years in a row) and Red Herring (2007).

Openbravo is a Spanish cloud-based software provider specializing in retail and restaurants with headquarters in Pamplona, Spain and offices in Barcelona and Lille. The company was formerly known for being a horizontal open-source ERP software vendor for different industries. The company's main product is Openbravo Commerce Cloud, a cloud-based omnichannel platform.

In 2006, the company was renamed Openbravo and launched its first product offering, Openbravo ERP. The code was made available open-source in April that same year. In 2007, the company announced the acquisition of LibrePOS, a Java-based Point-of-Sale (POS) application for retail and hospitality businesses. LibrePOS was rebranded as Openbravo POS (or Openbravo Java POS). In May 2008 Openbravo attracted three more investors, Amadeus (UK), GIMV (Belgium) and Adara (Spain) for a second investment round totaling $12.5 million[1] to further develop its products and services.[2]

Openbravo ERP was the first product launched by Openbravo. It was a web-based Enterprise Resource Planning software for small and medium-sized companies that is released under the Openbravo Public License, based on the Mozilla Public License. The model for the program was originally based on the Compiere ERP program that is also open-source, released under the GNU General Public License version 2. As of January 2008, the program was among the top ten most active projects of SourceForge.

These two models allow for integration with other programs and for a simple interface.[3] The application of open standards Openbravo ERP can be integrated with other open source applications like Magento webshop, Pentaho Business Intelligence, ProcessMaker BPM, Liferay Portal and SugarCRM.[4]

Note: On a windows based system all path in with a \ character need to be written as \\ . This applies for example to the source.path and attach.path settings.

NOTE: The username is Openbravo, with an uppercase O. The password is openbravo, with a lowercase o. The system is case-sensitive, and you need to type both data elements correctly to access it.

Driven by open source philosophies and best-in-class services, it delivers a fully integrated, web-based ERP system tailored to the needs of any company, regardless of size or industry sector. The functionality of Openbravo is in continual growth thanks to an expanding international community of users, partners and developers. Openbravo helps companies to manage daily operations, optimize business processes, enhance customer satisfaction and ultimately increase profitability. And because it is open source, Openbravo puts the customer in full control without the overheads of contracts or licenses.
Openbravo is one of the top open source applications and winner of numerous industry awards. The CYOP team, which has extensive experience in enterprise computing, has successfully implemented dozens of Openbravo based ERP solutions resulting in significant increased revenues and growth for our clients.

CYOP's Project Implementation Roadmap combines a coordinated technical programming and development effort with sound project management to effectively bridge the gap between the client and the programmers to ensure business objectives, and not just a programming exercise, are achieved. CYOP leverages free open source software to build for our clients an application that is highly customized for thier business and that they OWN. Because the finished application is owned by the customer who has full access to the souce code, there is no vendor lock-in and the application can never be obsoleted since with a large community of open source programmers able to ensure ongoing development and support.

CYOP's services combine the best features of open source software with the best features of Software as a Service (SaaS), enabling organizations to effectively own, control, and further develop and modify as needed, their own ERP software application without the large expenses of hardware acquisition & maintenance, software licensing, data center facilities or an IT staff.

By leveraging open source ERP software with CYOP planning, implementation and support services, even a smaller businesses can afford an enterprise-class ERP solution with no capital expenses, no hardware to maintain, no software license fees, and no need for on-site technical personnel. On-premises solutions are also available if desired.

CYOP specializes in OpenERP and Openbravo open source ERP solutions. We have a great Odoo PLM ("Product Lifecycle Management") solution for manufacturers using Solidworks or ThinkDesign CAD; and, we can also integrate robust eCommerce and point of sale (POS) options for clients that operate in the retail and restaurant industries.

The recently published Dice/Linux Foundation report on employment in the world of open source software yields two major conclusions: demand for open source skill sets is on the rise, and European companies are struggling to hire experienced professionals.

The page to a download page having openbravo-3.0PR18Q4.2-amd64.iso.This page is dated November 2018 and states that the version of this ISO will be available in two months (at the time of writing this question 4 months have passed.)

Though I was able to download the ISO from -openbravo-appliances/3.0PR18Q3.5/But this seems to be an old version, while running it over VMWare player, I'm unable find any signs of pre-installed dependencies needed for OpenBravo.

we implemented openbravo + zoho, works very nice but we have one problem:
we want to see the reports in openbravo as full page and not only as widget in home page.
The widget is good for charts but if we want to see full lneght report, it's very samll.
how this can be done?
any ideas?
Thank you.

Our clients are organisations that have chosen to be the owners of their ERP solution and to only pay for the professional support they really need, when they need it. (May 15, 2008,

Openbravo is an open source web-based ERP business solution for small and medium sized companies that is released under the Openbravo Public License, based on the Mozilla Public License. The model for the program was originally based on the Compiere ERP program that is also open source, released under the GNU General Public License version 2. The company is also a member of the Open Solutions Alliance, a non-profit organization working for open-source standardization. The program is among the top ten most active projects of Sourceforge as of January 2008. Development decisions are made by Openbravo, S.L., located in Pamplona, Spain. (Version 22 March 2008, 18:31, )

Openbravo 3, ERP based on the open-source technologies, empowers organizations across industries worldwide to improve business performance through increased productivity and business agility. Implementation of ERP is not difficult and could be done during few weeks from the initial analyze.

We analyzed some other options and chose Openbravo because it was an open solution and adaptable to any size company. We use Openbravo as our brain. On one hand, we have a back office for the analysis of metrics. On the other hand, we have POS used in out stores. We also integrated with Magento for ecommerce and are able to integrate with Amazon. Openbravo helps us stay integrated with all these channels.

Openbravo is a commercial open-source software company. The head office of Openbravo S.L. is located in Pamplona, Spain. Openbravo has also offices in Barcelona, Paris, Mexico DF and Kolkata. The company is responsible for the development of two products: Openbravo Commerce Suite and Openbravo Business Suite.

Liferay, Inc., is a professional open-source company that provides free documentation and paid professional service to users of its software. As creators of Liferay Portal, a free and open source enterprise portal software product. Distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License and optional commercial license, Liferay has been declared "Best Open Source Portal" by InfoWorld in 2007.

Openbravo POS is discontinued. It was an open source Point-of-Sale project. It functioned as a seamlessly integrated module of Openbravo ERP, with a smooth flow of information from the retail floor to the back office.

Openbravo is a world leader in the commercial open source software space helping midsize and large specialty retailers around the globe successfully manage continuous business change and innovation in today's fast-changing retail industry. Openbravo offers the Openbravo Commerce Suite, a multichannel retail business solution that allows

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